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Bringing Pets

Importation permits are required for all animals entering Namibia. The country that the pet is shipped from will determine if the pet will be subject to quarantine. Birds are subject to a 30-day quarantine. The application process for importation permits requires sending documents back and forth between the pet owner and the Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development’s State Veterinarian office, so do start the process at least 2 months ahead of arrival.

The State Veterinarian office issues a permit form, which must be filled out by the pet’s own veterinarian. A current rabies shot is required, and must have been administered not less than 30 days and not more than one year prior to the pet’s arrival in Namibia. Once completed by your veterinarian, the permit is returned for final processing and the permit is then issued and returned to the pet owner. The permit must accompany the pet during shipment.

Certain animals, especially certain bird species, require an additional permit, so please allow 2 additional weeks if bringing a bird to Namibia. After arrival, dogs and cats will be immediately released to the custody of the owner on the understanding that the pet will be brought to the State Veterinarian in town for final health approval, if not quarantine. The State Veterinarian requires notification of arrival of incoming animals.





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