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Shopping in Namibia

Windhoek has a selection of fashionable shops. Local crafts can be bought in some specialised shops and at the Windhoek Street Market, held every second Saturday. Good buys include diamonds and semi-precious stones, Herero dolls, hand-carved wooden objects, jewellery, karosse rugs, liqueur chocolates made in Windhoek and Swakara garments.

Though native to Asia, Karakul sheep are raised in great numbers in Namibia. Karakul wool is smooth and extremely fine in quality, so karakul wool clothing is highly prized. If you’re keen to buy karakul wool clothing, perhaps you should be aware that the wool is produced by skinning lambs that are less than three days old, and that the finest pelts, with the softest, tightest curls, are often obtained from unborn lamb foetuses (first slaying the pregnant ewe).

A slightly less controversial Namibian curio is the ubiquitous ostrich egg. These super-sized eggs are drained and painted (often in amazing detail) to make elegant ornaments. Alternatively, full eggs can be bought and used to make truly massive omelettes.

Non-organic curios include the crafted artefacts made in central and northern Namibia by Bushmen and the Himba group.





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